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Is EcoChar used alone or with fertilizer?
EcoChar is not a fertilizer replacement.  It does increase the ability of the plants to absorb the nutrients in the soil, and EcoChar does contain some nutrients since it is made from manure.  But if a soil needed fertilizer before, it probably continues to need some additional nutrients; although most likely at a reduced rate.  Its main value is in the carbon content and what that does to the soil.
Is EcoChar safe around children and animals? 
Ecochar, or a similar form of Biochar is being used as an animal feed in Europe.  It contains valuable nutrients that both humans and animals need and contains no harmful chemicals.
Does EcoChar work differently in different climates? 
No.  The properties are the same.  However, the benefits may change.  The ability for biochar to retain moisture is much more valuable in arid climates than where rainfall is plentiful. 
How often does EcoChar need to be applied? How is it applied? 
The benefits of EcoChar will actually increase in the 2nd and 3rd year after application.  It needs to be applied once a year, but can be reapplied each year, but typically at smaller volumes.  While it does provide some nutrients for the plants, its main value is building up the carbon in the soil, and that won't go away each year.  EcoChar is easy to apply.  It will flow through any typical seed or fertilizer spreader, and will also easily mix with other treatments - compost, mulch, etc.
Do you offer a product guarantee? 
It is guaranteed to contain carbon char and nutrients.  Since the needs for each soil and plant are different, it is impossible to guarantee results without analyzing each specific case.  The gain in growth will vary due to the specific conditions - greater gains will be seen in more nutrient poor soils; and greater gains will typically be seen in sandy soils.  Some plants require more nutrients, so they will also see a higher growth increase.  You should not only see increased plant growth, but more yield as well - more tomatoes per plant, etc.
Is EcoChar used for all crops or is it better on specific crops? 
It has shown positive results for all crops.  But, it does increase growth more with certain crops, and certain soil types.
Is EcoChar for large scale agriculture or for home lawn and garden or both? 
Both.  Obviously, the environmental impact will be much greater when used in large scale operations, but the value it brings to the soil and plants can be seen at any scale.
How quickly does EcoChar work? 
It depends on the soil quality and plant needs.  There are cases where EcoChar will not show any improvement the first year, but have huge gains starting in the 2nd and 3rd years.  In others, improvement may be seen in a matter of weeks.  Maybe, more importantly is how long it continues to work.  Since the carbon char is sequestered in the soil for many years, the benefits of EcoChar will continue to help the soil also for many years. 
Can EcoChar be used on all types of soil (ex: clay, peat moss, etc)? 
Yes, the carbon content will help all soils.  But, certain soils and plants will respond quicker and better.  Water and nutrient retention are more beneficial with sandy soils; but improving soil tilth and providing pathways in the soil for microorganisms is more important in clay soils.
Will EcoChar contaminate my water supply? 
No.  Actually one of the potential uses for EchChar is in water filtration.  Many studies have been done to prove that EcoChar will capture heavy metals and prevent them from going into water supplies.
How much does EcoChar cost? 
The pricing is listed on the web site -www.ecocharshop.com.  Larger volume sales will have a lower price per pound, especially when the volumes exceed 1000 pounds.
How is EcoChar stored? 
It can be kept in a shed, garage, basement, etc.  It won't emit odors or breakdown, so there is no danger having it in the home.  It also will not hurt the product to leave the container open.
What is the shelf life of EcoChar? 
Since one of EcoChars major claims is its ability to remain in the soil for centuries, the shelf life is several years.  It will eventually release some of the nutrients, so keeping it for years will not improve its value; but the carbon char will not break down for many years.

When is the best time to use EcoChar? 
Adding carbon back to the soil is beneficial at any time, but usually it is applied when adding fertilizers, composts, and other soil amendments.  Unlike those additives, it is not extremely time sensitive, due to its retention properties.
Why should I use EcoChar over other products? 
There are many benefits EcoChar brings to the soil.  Adding carbon back to any soil improves the quality of the soil.  EcoChar, because it has the unique combination of the carbon char as well as nutrients, provides the best of both worlds - nutrient and water retention, as well as additional nutrients.  It is a natural product, and even if you are using some chemical products, it will reduce your need for those in the future.  It improves the environment by retaining nutrients and reducing leaching and run off; both of which are harmful to water quality.  It is odor and pathogen free.  On a more global scale, EcoChar sequesters carbon in the soil and is a step in the right direction to address climate change.

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