About EcoChar

Ecochar is an all natural soil amendment that improves plant growth while helping the environment.

Since 2000, we have been providing solutions to environmental problems in a variety of industries throughout the world. These solutions utilize a patented gasification technology that allows us to create a unique product, "EcoChar". EcoChar's production process improves the environment through several methods, including carbon sequestration, elimination of nutrient run off/leaching, and the reduction of green house gas emissions.

Ecochar is a high-quality biochar produced from manure. Unlike most biochars, which are produced from wood, EcoChar provides a unique nutrient profile along with the activated carbon. Our product is pathogen-free, non-toxic, and safe to use/store around children and animals. 

Our all-natural product provides a range of benefits for your soil:

- Decreased nutrient run-off
- Increased soil carbon
- Improved soil fertility
- Improved tilth
- Neutralizes acidic soils
- Enhances the soil's ability to retain water

The standard application rate is 40 square feet per pound, or 2 tablespoons for a typical potted plant (application rate dependent upon soil quality).

 In 2009, our patented production process was granted the first Clean Energy Award ever issued by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

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