Nearly 80% of antibiotics consumed in the United States go to livestock animals.   Let me repeat that in case you missed it...... Nearly 80% of all antibiotics consumed in the US are consumed by livestock.  Not humans with infections, following surgery, after being exposed to illnesses.  Not humans at all...livestock.  So, basically if your toddler has an ear infection, don't bother going to see the pediatrician, just give him a hamburger every day for a week.  Ok, Ok I'll skip the sarcasm.  And in governments longstanding desire to make us mushrooms,  the Centers for Disease Control claims they have found no proven link to antibiotic treatment failure in humans due to antibiotic use in animals.  Yet, paradoxically, on Monday the CDC released a new report called "Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the US, 2013".  This report  lists 18 antibiotic resistant diseases ranging in severity from "concerning" to "urgent".  When we truly need antibiotics, we cannot be sure that the medication we take will cure us. An untold number of deaths have resulted from ineffective treatment.  What recourse do we have? How can we, as mere consumers, improve our chances of quality medical care? We must become more informed.  We must purchase hormone/antibiotic free meats.  We must purchase organically grown foods.  We must elect officials that believe in health and quality of life through safe food sources.  And above all else, don't let government make you a mushroom. Be an informed consumer!