On August 30, 2013 the USDA announced that it was lifting a ban on imports of heat treated/pre cooked chicken from China into the US.  Now as appalling as this sounds to the general public, be aware that US beef and poultry producers are in favor of this change!  Why you ask?  Well me too!  This feels like a step in the wrong direction. Apparently, if we allow China to potentially poison our food supply, then American producers are hopeful that Chinese bans preventing importing US beef and poultry will be lifted. This is not guaranteed you understand... they are merely "hopeful"! Am I in favor of higher exports of US beef and poultry? Absolutely!  Creating jobs, stimulating the economy, increasing the export of safely raised and processed foods to a country that cannot even produce safe dog food on a consistent basis....all good things.  However, the price for that exchange is much too high.  Here is basically what they will allow.  Chickens will be slaughtered here in the US, shipped to China where they will be cooked/heat treated and then returned to the US market Where they will be used for chicken nuggets, chicken patties, fillers, dog and pet foods. Aside from the obvious questions raised about the transporting of chickens numerous times needlessly, bear in mind there are no restrictions in China that prevent the addition of fowl ( or any other type of meat) from other locations. For example, the chicken nugget you feed your toddler at your local fast food restaurant may contain chicken, rat, turkey, dog...from anywhere in the world... Well you get the idea.  Heres my point.  Over the last several years we have see a substantial change is health consciousness.  Health food stores are springing up, consumers are buying organics and free range foods. Lets continue to put our emphasis on health and not just economics. We, as a nation of savvy consumers,  must support our local growers and producers.  We must support and demand organic growth processes. We must require our government to allocate funding for research to improve these processes.  And we must, with our almighty dollar, support companies that sustain green living!