So, I just read an article by Bjorne Lomborg  about renewable energies.  There were statistics  about the percentage of the worlds energy that came from renewables in 1971 (13.12% for those of you that remember stats).  There was information about the percentage of the worlds  energy that was renewable in 2011 ... Just slightly lower at 12.99%.  There was a plethora of information about wind, solar and biomass as renewable fuels.  Mr. Lomborg was making a strong plea for more research dollars to make utilizing these fuels more affordable.  We need improved technology to help us afford these "natural" fuels.  However, not one mention was made about a fuel that currently exists that can be utilized along with a proven technology.  Biofuels!  Yes, plain old waste.  Animal waste and human waste can both be gasified at 1500+/-degrees to produce biochar!  If you are reading this blog, I have to assume you know what biochar is.  I assume you know that it is a soil amendment that is completely natural and can increase the nutrient level in the soil and increase crop yield!  So, in our quest for a more affordable renewable fuel, let us not overlook manure.  We produce a lot of it every day!