Well, apparently Sweden has been named "The Most Sustainable Country" in the world. This based on considerations of social equality, carbon emissions, civil liberties and environmental governance.  This report by investment group RobecoSAM ranked 59 countries.  With Northern Europeans love of bicycling ( 60% of Swedes use bicycles for transportation regularly ), production of clean energy and focus on humanitarian values, sustainability is a natural result.  We, as Americans, have put our focus on surging ahead in world markets and world power.  We are quick to lend aid to foreign countries, we fund research on such important topics as studies about online dating, a study about how college students use cell phones and social media, the Second Annual Hawaiian Chocolate Festival....ok, maybe that one can stay...but I digress..  The point is, can we please put some money and public interest into new forms of sustainable energy?  Biomass power production is an answer to both energy needs and waste disposal.  With biomass power generation, not only can we utilize waste of many types to produce heat, steam or electricity, biochar is a natural result of the gasification  process.  And, biochar can be land applied to increase crop growth, it can be used to filter water and it can be fed to animals as part of their diet to supplement nutritional requirements. Switzerland has already approved biochar as an animal food!  So, lets give Sweden a little competition and become a "Sustainable Country"!!!!!