How Can Gardening Help You Live Longer?

by Kirsten Fern on February 02, 2014

There is a lot of evidence, most anecdotal, some scientific, about how gardeners live up to 14 years longer than non-gardeners. That’s a pretty impressive life extension and it certainly warrants further research. National Geographic author Dan Buettner has studied this in depth by visiting what he called “blue zones” around the world- places where life expectancy is significantly longer. He studied these people and his findings are somewhat surprising. Watch a TED talk about his findings here. Certainly, there are many factors involved, but I think there are some key things that gardeners do that could contribute to longer..

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Ethanol: A 'Necessary' Evil?

by Kirsten Fern on November 15, 2013

Both President Obama and former president George Bush have put growing corn on the agenda to help bring down global warming and create a 'greener' fuel. Because of this, however, some states have seen many damages to their land; some more than others. With the ethanol era, farmers have sought out new and larger areas to plant corn, wiping out millions of acres of conservation land, polluting water supplies and destroying habitats, according to an Associated Press investigation. Since Obama's first term in office, five million acres of conservation land have disappeared. In the meantime, sprayers were used to apply..

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Don't let government make you a mushroom!

by Shelley McGolden on September 22, 2013

Nearly 80% of antibiotics consumed in the United States go to livestock animals.   Let me repeat that in case you missed it...... Nearly 80% of all antibiotics consumed in the US are consumed by livestock.  Not humans with infections, following surgery, after being exposed to illnesses.  Not humans at all...livestock.  So, basically if your toddler has an ear infection, don't bother going to see the pediatrician, just give him a hamburger every day for a week.  Ok, Ok I'll skip the sarcasm.  And in governments longstanding desire to make us mushrooms,  the Centers for Disease Control claims they have..

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Do chickens really need to go to China?

by Shelley McGolden on September 05, 2013

On August 30, 2013 the USDA announced that it was lifting a ban on imports of heat treated/pre cooked chicken from China into the US.  Now as appalling as this sounds to the general public, be aware that US beef and poultry producers are in favor of this change!  Why you ask?  Well me too!  This feels like a step in the wrong direction. Apparently, if we allow China to potentially poison our food supply, then American producers are hopeful that Chinese bans preventing importing US beef and poultry will be lifted. This is not guaranteed you understand... they are..

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It's not glamorous but we have plenty of it!

by Shelley McGolden on August 24, 2013

So, I just read an article by Bjorne Lomborg  about renewable energies.  There were statistics  about the percentage of the worlds energy that came from renewables in 1971 (13.12% for those of you that remember stats).  There was information about the percentage of the worlds  energy that was renewable in 2011 ... Just slightly lower at 12.99%.  There was a plethora of information about wind, solar and biomass as renewable fuels.  Mr. Lomborg was making a strong plea for more research dollars to make utilizing these fuels more affordable.  We need improved technology to help us afford these "natural" fuels...

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Why do we let Sweden have all the fun?

by Shelley McGolden on August 21, 2013


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