EcoChar is an all-natural soil amendment that promotes higher yields, faster growth, and improved moisture retention.

Side-by-Side of biochar

This is a picture of a study done by James Madison University in Virginia. The corn on the left is with fertilizer only. The corn on the right had biochar added to the soil.

Another Side by Side.

Pictured to the left is a plant that was planted in a garden without biochar.

Side-by-Side continued

Pictured is the same type of plant that was planted on the same day as the previous picture but had biochar added to the soil.

Golf course green, initial

This is a damaged golf green upon which biochar was added to restore the grass.

Damaged golf green, after

Here is the same golf green, 3 weeks after application.

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Biochar is a carbon-rich soil amendment that improves nutrient and water retention. EcoChar, a biochar made from manure, also contains nutrients as well as carbon char. These additional nutrients improve soil quality and increase plant growth. This all natural product reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and minimizes harmful run-off.

Feel free to browse the catalog for quantities, application rates, and prices. We currently have the capability to supply EcoChar made from cow manure.  We will soon be able to supply chars made from chicken, turkey, and hog manure as well.


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